Ijevan dendropark was established in 1962 by Mushegh Aghinyan, Griror Adamyanc and Lyudvig Sayadyan. It is in south from Ijevan, on the right bank of the Aghstev River and occupies 14.5 hectares.
There have been experimented about 750 species of trees and shrubs, 640 of which are well adapted to the land-climate conditions of Ijevan. They are representatives of 6 regions of Holarctic floristic kingdom; there are also hybrid plants. The coniferous are presented in the dendropark with 133 species and sorts or about 23 percent of whole coniferous flora of the world. These are Metasequoia, Cryptomeria, Cedrus deodara,some species of Picea, Pinus pallasiana, Cupressus and etc. The deciduous evergreen species are 84 – Buddleia, Weigela, Forsythia, Spirea, etc. The forest-generating species of trees and shrubs are making up the majority –Quercus, Fagus, etc. There is the only Corylus colurna parkway in the world. The dendropark is of high interest as the tourism development sight, and has an exclusively important educational value as well.